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SPA collection_ menta A3
Shoppingbag Rincones y Recovecos 2018
LON&BOC A4. Azul+gris.
Nueva Colección Nueva Colaboración. Rita by LON&BOC

We’ll transform any cloth or canvas material you have into the handbag you wish for, either for your own personal use or to sell at your business. Choose between the existing models in our gallery or we’ll propose new original and exclusive models.

As part of our promise for a better, sustainable future, we offer the creation of handbags from cloth and canvas materials, previously ephemeral works that would be thrown away without care, so that they may continue telling their story. It is our intention to recycle these materials to create new products, unique and irreplaceable, using materials that would otherwise be extremely difficult to recycle.

Each canvas we receive, especially those of larger dimensions, becomes multiple products by the end of the process. Each canvas we process, we have the opportunity to turn into a brand new collection or series. Each canvas is an opportunity to create something new.

In LON&BOC, we work in research & development of new products, always with the concept of CRADLE to CRADLE (certification pending), in lieu of the conservation of the environment and pursuant of the objectives of sustainable development (ODS).

We create handbags for you or your businesses, events and institutions. Show your compromise with recycling and reusing via our products, demonstrate to the world that you will not let anything go to waste. Give your materials a chance at a new life.

All our products are artisanal, designed and crafted by hand, one by one, and using more than 90% of recycled materials. We operate from our workshop at Asturias, Spain.

Please get in contact with us for more information. We’ll be happy to talk to you.